We sell some of our boards online direct. To purchase a 404 board that is not on our website, you will need to work with an Authorized Dealer. To find the Authorized Dealers in your area, check out our dealer page on our website here – https://404sup.com/apps/store-locator

If there are no 404 Authorized Dealers in your area (within 30 miles), you have two options:

  • Give us a call and we can see if we can help you.
  • Order your board online through one of our authorized dealers.


Danny Ching and Greg Jensen knew they had the ability to build the best SUP boards in the world but didn’t know what to call the company. Danny had one name in mind that Greg thought was so bad he said, “If we don’t find something better than that, we are calling the company a number.”

Of course some ridiculous names were thrown around and in this day in age it does you no good to come up with a great company name if the website for that particular name is already taken. Name after name they would search to see if ‘idea’.com was taken and sometimes it was, and sometimes it wasn’t. Most times when they would search to see if the desired domain name was taken, they would receive the message ‘404 Error: Page Not Found’. After tirelessly searching, the fatal ‘404 Error’ message kept returning. Literally after months of trying to decide on a company name, Greg realized that the basic ‘404’ message they kept receiving of ‘You are lost. This doesn’t exist.” was exactly what they were and was exactly what they should continue to be.

Greg and Danny mentioned the idea of the company name being ‘404’ to some friends and family and were only reassured that the company name fitted. Their friends and family began to find other reasons that Danny and Greg were 404: The area code for Hawaii is 808. Greg has spent half of his life in Hawaii and Danny is actually half Hawaiian.